• “We know what our customers need: closeness, efficient solutions and associated services with high added value”

Artificial Lift

We offer innovative solutions through our wide range of products and services, covering the entire value chain based on engineering and product development, manufacturing, application engineering, operational service, well automation and information processing.

Our 40+ years of experience along with strategic associations with top-level international companies leading new technologies in Artificial Lift, allow us to always be the best option in terms of solutions and designs to optimize production in our customers’ oilfields.

Our systems and related services include:

  • Mechanical pumps and pumping rods.
  • Bottom hole accessories for artificial lift.
  • Progressive cavity pumps (bottom hole - surface - permanent magnet technology).
  • Plunger Lift.
  • Variable speed drives (mechanical pumping, PCP [progressive cavity pumping], ESP [electro submersible pumping].
  • Well controllers (mechanical pumping, PCP [progressive cavity pumping]).

Chemical Technologies/Solutions

We are leaders in the production, distribution and application of chemicals for the optimization of oil and gas production. We provide integral services including design in our own formulation laboratories, for the design of solutions to specific problems and the application and dosage of such solutions in the oilfield, either by specialized crew or automated systems. Our products are being used in various countries.

Main chemicals include:

  • ­Demulsifiers
  • Friction Reducers
  • Corrosion Inhibitors
  • ­Scale Inhibitors
  • ­­Bactericides
  • ­Foaming and Anti-Foaming Agents
  • H2S and O2 Sequestering Agents
  • Paraffin and Asphaltene Inhibitors
  • Flocculants and Coagulants
  • ­Gas Hydrate Inhibitor
  • Descalers
  • Solvents and Dispersants
  • ­Drilling Mud Products

Among the services related to the supply of chemical products, it is worth highlighting:

  • Manufacturing and integral service [development of specific products + application engineering + distribution, application, monitoring & follow-up, maintenance of dosing facilities].
  • Treatment and process management. Integral service.
  • Integral digital management of chemical treatments & processes.
  • IT solutions [SGPQ+IRE Mobile].
  • Special operations [chemical cleaning in injector and producer wells, + pipeline mechanics, squeezes].
  • EOR services, mobile plants for pilots + engineering & analysis.
  • Capillary flow technology.
  • Provision of dosing equipment specifically designed for each application.