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  1. The receipt must include the data requested by the prevailing AFIP Resolutions (Argentine Federal Administration of Public Revenues). With CAI (Printing Authorization Code) / CAE (Electronic Authorization Code) prevailing at the date of issue.
  2. Issued to the company name and CUIT (Single Tax Identification Number) stated at the time of purchase order
  3. State Purchase Order Number(s)
  4. State Number(s) of entry sheet of materials / in-house proof of delivery / services or other certification / authorization granted to that effect.
  5. Invoice must be issued in the same currency as that on the purchase order note.
  6. Detail breakdown of VAT individual aliquots if applicable.
  7. In the case of payments due, detail concept / jurisdiction / aliquot / amount.
  8. Detail Province(s) of delivery of material or service rendering and associated amounts. In the case of transport services, state province of loading. This data shall be utilized for the correct determination of applicable deductions. In the case of not being able to state this data in the issued document, the latter shall be included in the body of the e-mail.
  9. For contracts in foreign currency, the exchange rate corresponding to the date prior to the issuance of the invoice and published by Banco Nación Exchange Selling Rate must me specified in the body of the invoice. Banco Nación offers two types of rates, Currency and Notes. In every case, without exceptions, the Currency column rate is to be selected.
  10. Documents issued with CAI must be submitted in the original format together with the prevailing validation of said CAI.
  11. Must not contain erasures or overwriting.
  12. In Electronic Credit Invoices, due date stated in the invoice and informed in AFIP must match the conditions stated in the purchase order.

Invoices that do not comply with the above-mentioned requests shall not be accepted and will be returned to the issuer or a dismissal via e-mail or Cobranzas.com (electronic invoices) will be sent, or via postal mail if it was received in physical format.


Where and how to submit CAE documents?

Those invoices with certified notice of purchase must be submitted in the website Cobranzas.com https://www.cobranzas.com/v2/login.asp?client_code=SKS in the Documents submitted module. There is a tutorial for obtaining passwords and navigating the website on the Homepage pop up - TUTORIALCOBRANZAS.

- Or they can be e-mailed to the specific company being invoiced: cap@pecomenergia.com.ar
PECOM Servicios Medioambientales S.A.U.: Electronic Invoice: cap@pecomenergia.com.ar
Tel3 SAU: Electronic Invoice: captel3@tel3.com.ar

FCEs must be submitted within 48 hours of their issuance since those not submitted accurately, before the deadline or that do not comply with the above-mentioned requirements will be rejected by AFIP.

Where can I see logged documents and payments??

They are available in the Cobranzas.comwebsite where logged invoices, payments can be seen and deductions downloaded.

Where can I ask questions?

All questions must be channeled via https://www.cobranzas.com/v2/login.asp?client_code=SKS which will generate a case in the communications module (already activated) depending on the tree of cause per company. Answers will appear on the same website, with the option to obtain a breakdown of generated incidents and their answers.

To send a digital invoice, considered the following:

Each document for submittal must be sent in one single digital pdf file with all its (first the invoice + authorization to invoice + CAE validation).. PDF file shall not exceed 20 MB

Reception date shall be that in which the receipts are delivered at the reception desk, submitted to Cobranzas.com or sent to allocated e-mail boxes under the data detailed in What data do I need to include in the invoice receipt as MANDATORY for it to be accepted?

How long do I have to submit and invoice in Accounts Payable once issued?

Invoices which are not FCE can be submitted to a maximum of up to the third to last workday of the month of their issuance.




After having sent the receipt to the allocated e-mails or submitted it to Cobranzas.com, is it necessary to submit it to the reception desk?

If the receipt is sent by e-mail or submitted to Cobranzas.com, it shall not be physically submitted. If the receipt contains a CAI, it must be submitted to receipt reception in the ORIGINAL, without exception.

Can more than one certification of service or proof of delivery be included in the same receipt?

Yes. As many Certifications and Proofs of Delivery as possible should be included in the same receipt, as long as they belong to the same note of service or order and are issued to the same company.

When is an attached proof of delivery required and which conditions must it comply with?

In the case of materials invoices, a copy of the proof of delivery with the merchandize received seal must be attached. In the case of services, certification must be submitted.

When shall exchange variations be invoiced?

Exchange variation debit and/or credit notes shall be sent when the variation of the exchange rate of the receipt is different from that of the date of payment. In the body of the receipt, duly notice shall be made of the adjustment due to variations of the exchange rate and the numbers of the documents it affects. The latter shall be submitted to the authorized e-mail boxes.

What concepts are accepted in the submittal of Credit Notes?

Down payment cancellation:

The following requirements must be met: The Credit Note shall include the Purchase Order number originating the down payment and the description of the text shall clearly state it is a cancellation of a down payment granted over an invoice (state source invoice number) It is not required to submit any additional documents to be delivered by a user of the company.

Discount Credit Note

It must fulfill the following requirements: The Credit Note must include the Purchase Order number or source Contract and invoice. Miscellaneous: Since these types of documents do not have a logged backup in the system (E.g.: certification of services), in-house users receive invoices, Debit and/or Credit Notes to control them, define allocation and have them approved.