Become part of our team and we can continue growing together.

Our culture is based on the business plus people model. Within the framework of a positive working environment, this approach enables us to achieve excellent and long-term sustainable results, with committed employees who are proud to belong to PECOM.

Our distinctive value is our people. We rely on a team with leadership capacity to carry out the most challenging projects, always seeking to do things the right way, getting better and better.

We work on several initiatives for the long-term growth and development of our employees, such as, among others, the climate and commitment survey, alliances with renowned educational institutions in the country for the development of our leaders and scholarships from the Perez Companc Foundation for the children of our employees.

PECOM Culture:
  • Focus on business: productive and profitable company.
  • Sustainability and operational excellence: do things the right way, getting better and better.
  • Our people: our distinctive value.