We are an Argentine company part of the Perez Companc Group, with over 70 years of presence in the country, providing integral solutions and world­-class innovative sustainable services in an array of energy sectors.

In the oil and gas sector, we are the leading national company providing operation and maintenance services, as well as projects, chemicals and treatment, artificial lift, well testing and slick line, and environmental services. We also play an important role in services and projects for electric power supply and telecommunications.

We are present in the main oil and gas basins in the country. We are strategically located to provide the best service, connecting the different areas, optimizing time and resources.

Besides reinforcing our strength in the oil and gas sector, we plan to continue growing in the transmission of electric power and telecommunications.

We are a company with more than 6000 employees and an anual turnover of approximately USD 500 million (2018).

In August 2018, we acquired TEL3, an engineering, construction and service company for the development of projects in Energy and Telecommunications.

In November 2018, we acquired Bolland, a national leading company in oil services, mechanical pumps and chemicals.

We strive to be the leading service company in the energy sector in the country.

We are a new generation.

We are oil and gas.

We are electric energy.

We are Integral Solutions.

We are PECOM.